Welcome to the world of Parfumerie RHEDS. Here you will not only find the highest quality perfumes and body care products, but also a wealth of other pure natural fragrance products. Be enchanted by the sweet temptations that await you and discover the magical powers that Mother Nature has in every drop of perfume oil. has laid.

You will find the most affordable original new French brand perfumes with us.

We have specifically chosen the lesser-known brands. This makes us unique and we also make the wearer of these perfumes unique.

With these exclusive products we have built up a regular customer base in recent years, which we are very happy with.

New are our French scented candles and Waxmelts, with a beautiful design designed by a French artist. (handmade)

Nowadays we also have car perfume.


We only supply original French Perfumes and Beauty Products at affordable prices that we also offer

BOL.com (Netherlands and Belgium) and Ricardo.CH (Switzerland)

When purchasing our products, we set very high standards for both quality and packaging.

We have appointed a special team for this purpose, who have years of experience and knowledge with luxury perfumes and body care products.

We regularly receive new products in our range.


Ordered today before 3:00 PM, delivered the next day. (except on weekends), via PostNL. (So within 24 hours)

You can always track your order via Track and Trace code.


Our goal!
Our goal is to introduce people to other original brand perfumes from France, at affordable prices.

Why would you choose RHEDS Perfumery?
– Original French A-brand perfumes

– Perfumes keep their scent for a very long time

– Do not stain on clothing (careful with satin)

– Not tested on animals

– Very high A-quality

– Pure perfume oil

– Beautiful designs

How do we distinguish ourselves from other perfumes?
Perfumery RHEDS has designed its own fragrance for every personality. This makes the carrier of our perfumes unique.

Do you often have the feeling that you do not smell yourself after applying your favorite perfume and other people do not smell your perfume? Do you spray your perfume on your skin and / or clothing several times a day? With all perfumes from RHEDS it is enough to apply this perfume once a day. This can be on your skin as well as on your clothes. Our perfumes do not stain on clothing and you will smell the perfumes all day, but be careful with silk and satiny fabrics.

We can offer our perfumes at affordable prices, as we do not incur advertising and merchandising costs. We return these costs to the consumer, so that the prices remain affordable.

Quality test:
To take away any doubts you may have about our brand perfumes, we ask you to perform a fragrance test. This means that you spray one puff of our perfumes on your wrist (without rubbing) and you wait for one minute. Then we ask you to wash your wrist with soap and water (it doesn’t matter what kind of soap or detergent you use for this).
We guarantee that you will still smell the perfume on your wrist.

We have a wide gala of various perfumes in our range. From 30 ml to 100 ml, from fresh scents to oriental scents.
All our products are original, Made in France and comply with all legal European certifications and trademark registrations.
We work closely with our own perfumers.

Who are we?
Perfumery RHEDS was born from a passion for French perfumes. We import unique French brand perfumes of the highest quality for both men and women, which are personally selected by us. We pay attention to the quality of the packaging, the design of the bottle and the composition of the perfume.
We are the official dealer of the brands Laura Baci Paris,  Rose of Bulgaria parfums and Charrier parfums, Paris Elysees, Famiilii Grasse.
These A-brands are also well known in America, Asia and Russia.

Our customers give us a 9.1 for our products, packaging and service.

For more information: info@parfumerierheds.com